Aromatherapy Hair Care Cleansing Kit

Littlebugs Mint Serum

Littlebugs Mint Serum: Aromatherapy for soothing the scalp.

Directions for use:

  1. SHAKE VIGOROUSLY before applying to head.
  2. Apply Littlebugs Mint Serum to dry hair until completely saturated.
  3. Massage into scalp and hair.
  4. Leave product in for 15 minutes.
  5. Apply generous amount of shampoo, then add water to wash hair.
  6. Shampoo a second time if needed.
  7. Follow up with Littlebugs Hair Care Cleansing Spray.

Littlebugs Cleansing Spray

Littlebugs Cleansing Spray: 99% natural aromatherapy hair cleanse.

Directions for use:

  1. Place a clean washcloth or other suitable material over eyes for protection. Dampen hair with warm water.
  2. Apply ample amount (15-20 pumps) of Littlebugs Cleansing Spray. Massage thoroughly into damp hair and scalp. Leave on hair at least 5 minutes and DO NOT RINSE.
  3. Add a second application of Littlebugs Cleansing Spray to hair and scalp. Leave product on hair and scalp an additional 5 minutes.
  4. While Littlebugs Cleansing Spray is still in the hair use the Littlebugs Comb to comb through hair. For long or thick hair, any conditioner may be added to assist with combing. Debris is easily removed when each section of hair is combed from root to end. Comb each section four ways: from above, below and each side to ensure all debris is removed. While combing hair wipe Littlebugs Comb often on a white paper towel to monitor debris.
  5. Rinse product from hair with clean water.
  6. Continue combing daily with Littlebugs Cleasing Spray until you have two clean comb outs.

Littlebugs Comb

Littlebug Comb uses a double layer of staggered length, stainless steel and spiral grooved teeth. The silicone handle with ridges helps with gripping control when hands are slippery during combing.

Littlebugs Comb should be used on damp hair. Detangle hair first with a regular hair brush. Separate hair into sections, comb from root to ends of hair. Continue to comb four ways, from above, below and each side to ensure all debris is removed.

Clean the comb often by dipping in a small container of clean water then wiping it on a clean white paper towel. If stubborn debris is left behind, rinse with warm water while opening the teeth slightly from the ends. Sanitize comb after treatment by placing in a bag and freezing for 12 hours or boil for 10 minutes.